The Role of Community-Based Early Childhood Programmes in Children Learning: The Concept of Funds of Knowledge

Volume 4 Issue 2
─░skender Gelir
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In Turkey, the Government aims to implement a community-based early childhood programme for those who come from economically disadvantaged areas. This is highlighted in the 2023 Education Vision, which was released in 2018. Nurseries, local educational authorities and other local institutions such as municipalities in such areas are expected to prepare for the community-based programme. The goal of this study is to examine the implemented community-based early childhood programmes in different countries and to indicate how such programmes connect homes and communities to school. This study reviews literature on community-based early childhood programmes in different countries. It shows that such programmes can develop children cognitive and language skills, and readiness for future academic life. It also suggests that community-based early childhood programmes need to focus on how children transmit their learning from home and community to school, and from school to home.


  • Young children
  • community-based programme
  • 2023 Education Vision
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