The Implementation of Problem Based Learning (PBL) Based E-Book to Improve The Learning Outcome of Vocational High School (VHS) Students

Volume 3-Issue 4
Abigail Josephine Kusumatuty Baedhowi Tri Murwaningsih
Pages: 103-110 Download Count : 2295 View Count: 1875 DOI Number 10.24331/ijere.454794 Facebook Share on Google+ Save to Zotero Save to Mendeley


This study aims to find out the effectiveness of problem-based Learning (PBL)-based personnel administration e-book that can be accessed through website in smartphone or laptop and in order to find out the extent to which the e-book the result of learning students. The research method employed in this study was experiment research by comparing two classes of the class experiment and class control. Technique of analyzing data employed in this study was inferential statistic analysis through normality test and homogeneity, followed with prerequisite test with t-test. T-test was conducted by comparing posttest score of two basic competencies for experiment and control classes and the result of comparison shows that the analysis that had been conducted using t-test with tstatistic of 3.112 while ttable of 2.051, or tstatistic > ttable. It indicated that there was a relevant difference between experiment and control class values so that the students’ learning outcome in experimental class was better then the implementation problem-based learning (PBL)-based personnel administration learning e-book could improve the learning outcome of Vocational High School students.


  • Effectiveness
  • E-book
  • Problem Based Learning
  • Learning Outcome
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