The Effects of Westernization Efforts on the Turkish Education System

Volume 5 Issue 3
Seyithan DEMİRDAĞ Muhammad KHALIFA
Pages: 165-177 Download Count : 1975 View Count: 2312 DOI Number 10.24331/ijere.719244 Facebook Share on Google+ Save to Zotero Save to Mendeley


Westernization refers to the establishment of a system based on science and technology in the life of a society and encourages developing countries to learn and then use what the West has found in science, technology, human rights, prosperity, and art. In this paper, we have argued the effects of Westernization efforts and how the power holding groups use these efforts on their behalf to have authority over governmental institutions and change the education policy of Turkey according to their ideology. Quijano’s notion of Coloniality was used to explain how people, who had a control over governmental authorities used Westernization to impose their own ideology in Turkish education policy. In the paper, firstly, we argued why the conflicts due Westernization arise between pro-Westerners and anti-Westerners and how this situation effects the education policy of some societies in the world. Second, we discussed the Westernization efforts made in Turkey. Third, we explained criticism towards Westernization since the Ottoman period. Lastly, we argued how the conflicts between pro-Westerners and anti-Westerners ended up in military coups.


  • Westernization
  • Turkish Education
  • Military Coups
  • Anti-Westerners.
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