The Effectiveness of Online Education for Students with Learning Disabilities From the Point of View of Parents in Saudi Arabia

Volume 6 Issue 4
Hassan Mohamed Zayed Asiri
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This study aimed at exploring the effectiveness of online education for students with learning disabilities from the point of view of their parents in the city of Abha. The study used the descriptive approach and developed an instrument to reach the goal of the study according to several variables (gender, age, economic level, educational level) of the parents. The sample of the study consisted of (109) parents of students who received their online education in Abha. The data were collected and analyzed using the appropriate statistical tools. The results indicated that the average parents' responses on the questionnaire were (3.65) on Likert's five-point scale, which indicates that online education is highly effective from the parents' point of view. Around 80% of the sample found that online education is more interesting and makes online education for students with learning disabilities more effective alternatives to the resource room, with the availability of appropriate tools and infrastructure. The results also indicated that 20% of the study sample find that online education is not useful and has deficiencies in several aspects. The study recommends other studies and researchers to research these shortcomings and develop online education to keep aligned with the plans and the vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030.


  • Learning disabilities
  • online learning
  • training program
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