Teacher Opinions Concerning The Leadership Competencies of School Principals

Volume 8 Issue 2 (March 2023)
L. Aytaç Özmen Nihan Turhan
Pages: 233-243 Download Count : 115 View Count: 123 DOI Number 10.24331/ijere.1216259 Facebook Share on Google+ Save to Zotero Save to Mendeley


The aim of this study is to reveal the perceptions of the teachers about the technological leadership competencies of school principals in solving the problems encountered in the technological use process. Concordantly, it is aimed to analyze the views of the teachers on the technologial leadership of the school principals in the process of using technology, adapting to technological changes and solving problems. The study is designed in accordance with the phenomenology pattern, one of the qualitative research approaches. This research was conducted with 20 teachers serving in state secondary schools in ─░stanbul Province, Sultangazi and Üsküdar districts in the 2021-2022 academic year. In the selection of the study group, outlier sampling method, one of the purposive sampling methods was preferred. In the research, the data were collected using a semi-structured interview form. Throughout the research, the data obtained with the semi-structured interview form were evaluated by content analysis. As the data were analyzed according to the research findings, 3 different themes were revealed. The themes coming out from this research are determined as “technological leadership roles”, “variables affecting leadership competence” and “proficiency in solving problems”. According to the results of the research, about half of the participating teachers opined about solving financial, infrastructural and technical issues whereas other participants stated that the tehcnological leadership competences of the school principals come into prominence in solving the problems encountered during the practices, in solving the cyber security problems and guiding on the proper use of technology. In reference to the results of the research, it has come to the fore to enchance the opportunities for developing the technology and attach importance to trainings in order to provide technological leadership competence to school principals.


  • School Principals
  • Technological Leadership
  • Qualitative Research
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