Module of Fiscal and Monetary Policy Based on Scientific Approach and HOTS Orientation as Learning Tools For Grade XI in High School

Volume 6 Issue 4
L.Prasetyo Dwi Agung Wicaksono Dewie Tri Wijayati Wardoyo Tony Seno Aji
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This study aims to create a learning device in a module form as a learning media during the Covid-19 pandemic which these new normal period makes hone learning become urgency. This method also required students to be more independent and help students to study by adjust their needs and time without using face-to-face learning during the pandemic. The module is made using K-13 as a reference in learning and using HOTS (Higher Order Thinking Skills) in exercises that articles provided. The process of making this module uses a 4-D model: Define, Design, Develop, and Disseminate. The module validated by material and language experts to determine whether this module suitable or not as learning media and validation results shows from material experts were obtained with 93% (valid), then from linguists were obtained 90.5% (valid). The module was also tested on students and received a response 77%.


  • Learning module
  • fiscal policy
  • monetery policy
  • scientific approach
  • hots
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