Exploring Indonesian EFL Teachers’ Perception on Students’ Speaking Assessment in Distance Learning

Volume 6 Issue 4
Wury Anggun Sumardi Suparno
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This study is aimed at exploring the teachers’ perception on students’ speaking assessment amidst distance learning especially the speaking assessment in senior high schools. The outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic situation has brought impact to the education system in many countries including Indonesia. One of the impact is the physical distancing that is aimed to reduce direct contact among people to keep the spread of the Corona Virus. In this regard, the Indonesian government determines temporary closure for schools starting from primary until university level and has all educational institutions implement distance learning. This leads to the question of how speaking, as productive skill is being assessed within pandemic situation. Within the scope of the general aims, two research questions are asserted as follows: 1) What are the EFL teachers’ perception on speaking assessment amidst distance learning? 2) What kinds of speaking basic performance applied in assessing students’ speaking skill amidst distance learning? The information gathered are differentiated in three parts; how teachers define Distance Learning, how teachers perceive the importance of speaking assessment amidst Distance Learning, and what types of speaking performance applied. The participants include four English teachers teaching at two Senior High Schools. In exploring this topic, a semi-structured interview was used to gather data from the respondents. Document analysis was also applied to support the obtained data. The results reveal that all teachers have the same perceptions related to the definition of distance learning and perceive the importance of conducting speaking assessments during distance learning. Some types of speaking performance were applied


  • Pandemic
  • teachers’ perception
  • distance learning
  • speaking assessment
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