Evaluation as a Tool for Teaching and Learning in Selected Technical and Vocation Institutions in Ibadan

Volume 6 Issue 4
Ogechukwu Rose Appah Tokede Abiodun Morenike Owolola Ouwaseun Iyanuoluwa Tunde-Francis Anne Abuekin Ibode Rebecca Titilope
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The study was carried out to explore the evaluation practices carried out in selected technical and vocational institutions. This is a survey study conducted in Ibadan, Oyo State Nigeria. It involved three hundred (300) students and one hundred and twenty (120) teaching staff. The study was guided by three (3) research questions. Data were collected using two questionnaires titled: Students’ questionnaire on Evaluation methods (SQEM) and teaching staff perception questionnaire on the role of Evaluation (TSPQRE). Data collected were analysed using descriptive (frequency, percentage, mean and Standard Deviation) and Pearson moment correlation. The result of the study revealed that most of the students agreed that evaluation carried out in their institution is mostly summative evaluation where students are assessed only at the end of the semester or mid semester tests. Findings of the study also showed that teaching staff agreed that evaluation is a means of improving teaching and learning in schools and there is also a relationship between teaching staff working experience and their perception of evaluation as a means of improving teaching and learning. It was recommended that teaching staff should use different methods to evaluate their students in order to improve teaching and learning in their institutions


  • Perception
  • learning
  • evaluation
  • ─▒nstitution
  • summative evaluation
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