Educational Transition Forced by the Implementation of Covid-19 Social Distancing and Quarantine Procedures: A Case Study From Turkey

Volume 6 Issue 4
B. Çağla Garipağaoğlu
Pages: 412-429 Download Count : 1025 View Count: 1029 DOI Number 10.24331/ijere.911393 Facebook Share on Google+ Save to Zotero Save to Mendeley


Drawing upon the pandemic experience in Turkey, this case study attempts to broaden our understanding about the pandemic revolution in K-12 private education sector. Focusing on the benefits, burdens, opportunities and threats experienced during the pandemic education, the study’s results are expected to offer some invaluable insights to K-12 educational leaders in private education sector both for the pandemic and post-pandemic education. The data for the study was collected by a semi-structured Zoom interviews from a total of thirthy-two participants consisting of one private school principal, three vice principals, eight department heads, eight teachers, six parents and six students. Data was analyzed through content analysis. The findings of the study were reported under five main themes: educational innovations during the Covid-19 pandemic and consequences pandemic education through the lenses of students, parents, teachers and administrators. Research findings revealed that although home-schooling during the Covid-19 pandemic have certainly caused some degree of inconvenience such as increased workload for teachers and parents, and connection problems etc., it also prompted new examples of educational innovations by changing our approach to education entirely. Findings also showed us that there is an immediate need to create a new code of ethics for online education as soon as possible. It was revealed that despite all the glitches and inconvenience experienced during Covid-19, Covid-19 induced educational transition is likely to have a lasting impact on education. Despite some overzealous futurists, online education is not for everyone or the substitute for on-site education. Yet, blending the two modes of education in a balanced way (hybrid education) seems to be a viable alternative for tomorrow’s schooling system


  • Covid-19
  • K-12
  • private schools
  • hybrid education
  • face-to-face education
  • online education
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