Development of Vlog Learning Media (Video Tutorial) on Student Materials. Tax at SMK PGRI 1 Jombang

Volume 4 Issue 3
Bics Al Hibra Luqman Hakim Tri Sudarwanto
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There needs to be learning media in teaching and learning activities and it is very needed to support learning outcomes and the enthusiasm of learning students and is very helpful for teachers in delivering messages well to students. The purpose of this learning media development research is to find out the feasibility of a Vlog -based learning media or video tutorial validated by some experts both media experts and evaluation experts, the second describes student responses to learning media through the development of Vlog -based learning media, and the third describes student learning outcomes after using Vlog learning media. This study adapted the research method from Thiagarajan which is often referred to as 3D, with the test criteria limited to 16 students with heterogeneous abilities. The results of the research development of vlog learning mediadeclared feasible as a learning media in the tax administration method by experts in terms of the material feasibility aspect e \ valuation which consists of objective and subjective questions, media feasibility aspects consisting of quality content and objectives, instructional quality and technical quality, student response and results learn. It can be concluded that the development of Vlog learning media on the material Tax administration at SMK PGRI 1 Jombang is very feasible to use.


  • Material adm
  • tax instructional media
  • vlog (video tutorial
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