Development of Portfolio-Based Modules with Enrichment Model to Improve Creative Thinking in Middle Schoo

Volume 4 Issue 4
Sangkin Mundi Asri Hermanu Joebagio Djono
Pages: 610-616 Download Count : 1801 View Count: 1726 DOI Number 10.24331/ijere.628433 Facebook Share on Google+ Save to Zotero Save to Mendeley


One of the objectives of learning Mathematics in Indonesia is for students to get various provisions when facing challenges in the global era. Therefore, the ability to understand is emphasized in the development of thinking processes. Teaching materials are obviously needed to bridge the material so that it is conveyed to students correctly according to the learning objectives. One of the appropriate and necessary teaching materials in Mathematics learning is an Enrichment based portfolio module. The objectives of this research were to find out the condition of learning Mathematics in the Surakarta State Middle School nowadays. The second objective wasto know the development of portfolio learning modules with the Enrichment model to improve creative thinking. The third objective was to determine the effectiveness of the portfolio learning module with the Enrichment model that can improve creative thinking. The type of research used in this research was development research. The instruments used in this research were material expert and media assessment sheets on teaching materials, student response questionnaires and learning outcomes tests. After the teaching material was made, it was then validated by the expert team. Validation was carried out by two material experts and design experts. After the medium was validated and revised, then a user trial was then carried out, namely the trial of small groupsand large groups. Based on the results of these trials, the teaching materials were revised again if weaknesses were found again. Next was the implementation stage of teaching materials for 8th grade students in one of the Surakarta City Middle Schools


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  • creative thinking
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