Children’s Social Skills Stimulation Viewed From Early Childhood Education Unit in Indonesia

Volume 3-Issue 3
Aulia Rohmawati
Pages: 69-73 Download Count : 2030 View Count: 2101 DOI Number 10.24331/ijere.443852 Facebook Share on Google+ Save to Zotero Save to Mendeley


Social skill is the most important aspects in the children development to determine them for starting to and getting social interaction to among others. An Early Childhood Education is a strategic place to develop children’s social skill. Each of Early Childhood Education levels has some ways and own methodologies to emerge social values including stimulation of social skill.This research uses qualitative methodology. Collect the data using interview, observation, documentation as well as validate data using triangulation and resource. Data analysis include data collection, data reduction, data serving, data concluding and verification. The result of this research shows that (1) Stimulation of social skill is given through daily activity in the school according to own types of institution; (2) Teachers are able to arrange timetable, have an authority to determine what type of stimulation are needed as well as supervise and control the implementation of it. Suggestion for this research are proposed to: (1) Institutions are hopefully facilitating more proper to stimulate social skills in the children; (2) Teachers are hopefully making a varied timetable and making an outstanding activity to stimulate social skills in the children; (3) Parents are hopefully cooperating with the teachers to emerge independence in their children.


  • Children
  • Social Skills Stimulation
  • Early Childhood Education Unit.
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