A General Perspective about Institutional Rankings, Ranking Framework, Benefits of Rankings and Ranking Methodological Flaws and Best Approach for Being A World Class Institution

Volume 7 Issue 3
Ali Mohammad Ghulam
Pages: 156-164 Download Count : 893 View Count: 1633 DOI Number 10.24331/ijere.1067952 Facebook Share on Google+ Save to Zotero Save to Mendeley


Ranking scales is an important tool which serves learning outcomes. Accuracy of Ranking depends upon how accurately & honestly the data is submitted according to the ranking methodology, how accurately Peers are giving their responses and how efficiently the ranking agencies are validating and evaluating the submitted data. However, giving more emphasis on pedagogy, teaching & learning environment, periodic curriculum review, strengthening the existing infrastructure resource, graduate outcome in minimum stipulated time, employability including entrepreneurship and higher studies, regular evaluation & assessments, research & outcomes, collaborations and new course offering according to the market demand, Ranking will improve, International outlook will also improve accordingly. Ranking is essential for strategic planning and enhancement of institutional transparency and stimulating the quality culture in education. Rankings also influence national and international partnerships and collaborations. Rankings are a manifestation of global competition and are used as a policy instrument. Rankings are provoking an important debate about the quality and performance of HEIs. We can also say one of the manifestations of Rankings is to build a competitive institutional competence of world class universities. In this paper, I have discussed mainly on general perspective about institutional rankings, ranking framework, benefits of rankings and flaws in the ranking methodology.


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