The Relationship Between Teachers' Flow Experiences at Work and Perceptions of Employee Rights

Volume7-Special Issue-December 2022
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The aim of this research is to determine the flow experiences of teachers while working and their perceptions of employee personel rights and the relationship between them. Correlational survey model was used in the research. The sample group was selected by simple random sampling method. A total of 450 teachers, 182 men and 268 women, constitute the sample of the research. “Flow Experience Scale”, adapted into Turkish by Turan and Pala (2021), used in the research and Erdem (2010) “The Scales of Primary and Secondary Education Teachers' Participation in Personal Problems Given” was adapted to the research. The data were collected in accordance with the permissions obtained using the google form. Since the data showed normal distribution, t-test and one-way Anova analyzes were performed to determine the significance levels .According to the findings, teachers have a little experience of flow during the study and tend to participate in the issues of employee personel rights. After the age of 40, the level of experiencing flow increases. Teachers working in high school have more flow experience than those working in secondary school. Teachers with 21 years of seniority and above experience flow. Those who are members of the union feel the flow experience in their work more than those who are not members. Women are more likely to participate in employee personel rights issues than men and those under the age of 40.According to the result of Pearson Correlation analysis; a very low level of negative significant relationship was detected. The reason for this may be that the flow is felt instantaneously and the employee personel rights are felt for a longer period of time. According to this research, the participation of teachers in the problems related to their employee personel rights does not prevent them from experiencing flow while working.


  • Employee personel rights
  • flow experience
  • teacher
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