Pre-service Teachers' Perspectives on Discourse Analysis and Its Implications for English Language Teaching

Volume 8 Issue 4 (October 2023)
Pages: 758-772 Download Count : 265 View Count: 278 DOI Number 10.24331/ijere.1309842 Facebook Share on Google+ Save to Zotero Save to Mendeley


This study aims to investigate the perceptions of pre-service English teachers regarding discourse analysis (DA) and its potential impact on English Language Teaching (ELT). The participants of the study included 198 second-year pre-service teachers (126 females and 72 males) studying at a Turkish state university. The study adopted a qualitative descriptive research design. Data were collected through written reflections, and qualitative content analysis was employed to analyse the data. The results of the study revealed that pre-service English teachers expressed positive perceptions towards DA, recognizing its potential contributions to their professional development and future teaching careers. Participants reported that the course helped them to understand the importance of language use in different contexts and situations and provided them with practical tools for analysing and teaching language. The findings suggest that ELT programs can consider incorporating DA into their curriculum to help pre-service teachers develop a deep understanding of language use and its implications for effective teaching. By doing this, teacher education programs may support the growth of proficient language teachers and ultimately raise the standard of language instruction.


  • Discourse analysis
  • pre-service English teachers
  • ELT programs
  • foreign language teaching
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