Physical Activity Practitioners: Reducing Infection with Coronavirus

Volume 5 Issue 4
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Physical activity is carrying out a conscious voluntary physical effort, as the body gains health and protection from diseases. There are many different types of physical activities. It is possible to do walking, running, jumping, climbing, etc. These matters are important in a person’s life, so if the individual does not like a type Among them, there are many options, and there are many games that are practiced as a kind of entertaining sport such as football, basketball, and small games. Therefore, everyone must set hours per day to exercise, especially during the home ban that results in lack of movement, excessive eating, and more sleep with The possibility of weight gain and thus the high risk of developing serious and chronic diseases such as: diabetes, high blood pressure and arthritis, in addition to mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, fatigue and stress, which in turn leads to psycho-motor disorders. The researchers used a questionnaire that was distributed to 80 persons from the Algerian community, whose ages ranged from 45-55 years, during which a set of questions was asked and the answers were closed in the selection of them chosen by the researchers, and the most important findings of the researchers in their study is that physical activity and exercise within the limits The house contributes effectively to feeling healthy and safe from diseases, improving the recreational side and avoiding psychological pressures.


  • Physical sports activities
  • coronavirus
  • public health
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