Volume 9 Issue 2
Seher Çetinkaya
Pages: 77-92 Download Count : 65 View Count: 69 DOI Number 10.24331/ijere.1404019 Facebook Share on Google+ Save to Zotero Save to Mendeley


This action research involves the use of Grossman's representation, decomposition and approximation framework in field experience and how pre-service teachers can use digital tools in literacy instruction. The analysis of the data revealed that pre-service teachers' participation in this action research had an impact on their self-efficacy beliefs towards literacy teaching (SEB-TL) and microteaching skills, and that the participants felt that teaching a field experience-based literacy instruction course (LIC) integrating the use of digital tools contributed positively to their professional development. Based on the research findings, the need to integrate digital tools into literacy instruction in teacher education in the 21st century was discussed. In addition, the importance of simultaneous implementation of field experience and theory in literacy instruction was discussed by bringing an alternative perspective to teacher education programs, in which theoretical courses are given first and then theory and practice are combined.


  • Literacy instruction
  • digital technology
  • field experience
  • pre-service teacher
  • teacher education
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