Design and Content Validity Analysis of Physics Test based on Local Wisdom for High School Students

Volume 4 Issue 4
Nunung FADİLAH Mundilarto
Pages: 602-609 Download Count : 642 View Count: 701 DOI Number 10.24331/ijere.628426 Facebook Share on Google+ Save to Zotero Save to Mendeley


This research was conducted to design the physics test instrument based on local wisdom “Gasing”used in measuring the cognitive skill of the 11th-gradesenior high school students and to analyze the content validity. The question formatof the test is two-tier multiple-choice. The first tier consists of 5 answer choices and the second tier consistsof 5 choices of answer reasons. A methodological study was conducted to examine the content validity of the physics test instrument through atwo-step process (design and judgment). The design stage was conducted through five-steps, including determining the objectives, selecting the appropriate item format, preparing the table of specifications, writing the test items, and editing the test items. At the expert’s judgment stage wasto analyze the content validity obtained from the assessment of six validators (3 lecturers and 3 physics teachers) using the Aiken’s formula. Based on the results of the research showedthat the highest content validity value was oneand the content validity index of 32 items wasabove 0.78. Thus, the physics test instrument based on local wisdom “Gasing” that developed wasvalid and feasible in terms of the validity of its contents.


  • Physics test
  • local wisdom
  • cognitive skills
  • content validity
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